Erik Karlsson confirms which teams he's talking with!

A handful of these teams make sense; one does not.



The San Jose Sharks are looking to facilitate a trade for defenseman Erik Karlsson, who enjoyed a tremendous bounce back season last year and was rewarded with yet another Norris Trophy win as the NHL's best defenseman. The rebuilding Sharks aren't going to be competing for the Stanley Cup any time soon, and the Swedish blue liner has requested a move to a contender. 

And now, Karlsson himself has confirmed he's in fact spoken with a handful of teams that include the Pittsburgh Penguins for some reason, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and Seattle Kraken. 

Translated from Swedish to English

"I have been open that I want to try to win and San Jose have been open that it will not happen there. We have a good relationship and we understand each other, even if it's not a fun situation to get through. We'll see if we can find something, because then we'll go for it."

Q: "Obviously the Sharks are in a rebuild right now, would you be okay with staying with the organization for the four seasons remaining on your deal given where you are in your career?"

A: "No I am not. I like San Jose and I like it there, but I've never been able to win before. I want that chance now that I'm at the end of my career. I have been open about that with Mike from the first day he started. He hasn't had any problems with it. We understand each other and we will do so regardless of what happens in the future."

Q: "Pittsburgh is reported to be first in line right now, have you talked to them?"

A: "Yes I have. I've talked to some teams, Pittsburgh is one of them. I have played against them for many years and have a good grasp of that group of players that are there."

Q: "Is that the team's new general manager Kyle Dubas you spoke to then? Or Jason Spezza, who you played with in Ottawa?"

A: "Me and Spezza have talked a lot, but we have been friends since before. There has been no business there. We also talked when he was in Toronto. It's more on a friendship level, I'd say. I've talked to the people I need to talk to in Pittsburgh and Dubas is of course one of them. It feels like I've tried to get as much information as I can from the teams that are interesting. How they look at me, what they want. I will try to make a decision based on the information I received. I want to make the best decision for me and my family, if this goes all the way."

Q: "Is Carolina one of the teams you talked to as well?"

A: "Yep."

Q: "Toronto, Seattle?  

"I have spoken with Seattle, yes, also some with Toronto. There have been a few more teams as well. Quite a few, anyway."

Q: "Got Pittsburgh at the top of your list?"

A: Well, I don't have a priority list. I am very open, because I think that will lead to the best option in the end."

Source: Expressen.Se