Erik Karlsson lands back in Eastern Conference in latest trade rumors

One makes sense, the other does not.



The San Jose Sharks are looking to facilitate a trade for defenseman Erik Karlsson, who enjoyed a tremendous bounce back season last year and was rewarded with yet another Norris Trophy win as the NHL's best defenseman. The rebuilding Sharks aren't going to be competing for the Stanley Cup any time soon, and the Swedish blue liner has requested a move to a contender. 

And according to Elliotte Friedman, two teams that are in the running are the Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins. But there's a major difference between the two teams - Carolina is a Cup contender, while the Penguins are now on the back end of the careers of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang and also missed the postseason for the first time since 2006 this year. 

Take a look at this recent exchange on NHL Network between Jamison Coyle and Friedman: 

Jamison Coyle: “You’ve mentioned the San Jose Sharks a number of times here. Speaking of hurdles to get over, it seems like it might be the biggest hurdle is dealing a guy like Erik Karlsson.

Where are we at as far as Erik Karlsson and maybe a new suitor for him?”

Friedman: “Well, I think Carolina and Pittsburgh. There could be other teams there, but if there are, I haven’t heard them. I suspect Florida at one time, I’m just not sure they can actually do it." 

Wherever Karlsson ends up, he wants to be in a position to be able to win, especially at this stage in his career on the wrong side of 30 years of age.

“I'm the best when you need to be the best. But if I don't have the chance to get to the place where you need to play the big games, then I might as well not do it. I could go through 82 games a year and be good, but I want to play when it matters,” Karlsson said.

“In the stage of my career, that's what I'm looking for. And there's no particular team [in mind]. Whenever it comes down to it, I'm gonna look at all the teams and be like: ‘I think this is the winning team.’ That's not to say we're going to win, but I think this is where I can have the most impact.”

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