Erik Karlsson once again hints at wanting to be traded.
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Erik Karlsson once again hints at wanting to be traded.

Erik Karlsson has done little to hide the fact that he would prefer to play for a different team next season.

Jonathan Larivee

Veteran San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson is coming off of a tremendous season, but in spite of an incredible individual performance on the ice last season his team never came near anything that could be considered playoff contention.

Following a relatively disappointing season from the Sharks, Karlsson did very little to hide the fact that he would welcome a change of scenery if it meant joining the ranks of a Stanley Cup contender. Although that talk died down after the trade deadline came and went, it has once again picked up with the NHL draft rapidly approaching.

For what it's worth Karlsson continues to lust for a Stanley Cup championship and on Sunday he made mention of just how difficult that was for him when speaking of his good friend Mark Stone.

"I’m gonna go to Stoney’s Cup party and not touch the Cup. Like… f***!" said Karlsson on Sunday.

Stone, a former teammate of Karlsson's when they were both with the Ottawa Senators, recently won his first Stanley Cup title as a member of the Vegas Golden Knights and it is clear that this has only fueled Karlsson's own desires to be a champion.

Karlsson also took the time to praise Stone for his incredible resilience, especially during the playoffs.

"I had dinner with him in March and the guy could barely walk," revealed Karlsson. "I was like how are you gonna play? He's like, I'll be fine."