Evander Kane appears to threaten estranged wife with a gun in now deleted Instagram post

Warning: This is some pretty disturbing stuff. Tread carefully.

Evander Kane appears to threaten estranged wife with a gun in now deleted Instagram post

The ongoing soap opera starring Evander Kane and his estranged wife Anna Kane just got even more dramatic.

You may recall that Anna accused Evander of all kinds of horrible things this past offseason from illegal gambling on his own team to forced sexual relations. Kane was ultimately exonerated of the gambling and assault allegations in a third party investigation but was surprisingly suspended 21 games for issuing a fake COVID-19 vaccination card to the San Jose Sharks in training camp.

Excuse my French, but this guy's life is a complete shit show.

But you know what? It's about to get even worse.

Anna posted a now deleted Instagram video to her account that appeared to show Evander threatening her and pointing a gun at her.

Check it out:


What are you doing, buddy!?!?!?!

If this is indeed Kane then I think you can consider his NHL career over. He's going to have some pretty serious legal repercussions as a result of this video.

I have no clue if this is related, but in an Instagram post that Evander made himself back in September commenters on the post pointed out what appears to be the outline of a gun in his shorts pocket. I'm certainly not versed in that sort of stuff to make a judgement call but interestingly enough when people started filling the comments of this post following Anna's post tonight, Evander deleted all the comments and turned commenting off.

Something ain't right here...

Coincidentally enough, the Kanes were in court earlier today, this time to discuss custody arrangements of their infant daughter.

According to Sharks insider A.J. Perez, Evander has been granted custodial parental-ship of their daughter, while his wife Anna undergoes psychological evaluation. In effect this means that Evander will have primary custody of his daughter at least until doctors can determine whether Anna is mentally healthy enough to care for her as well. It's worth noting that Anna made several serious allegations against Evander this past summer that ultimately could not be proven. Evander outright denied all Anna's claims and investigators had a difficult time getting Anna to participate in their investigation.

It's also worth noting that Evander claims Anna faked a pregnancy for months in order to "trigger mental anguish" from Evander. Lawyers for Evander maintain that she wore a fake "pregnancy belly" in some strange effort to shame her husband over past abortions that he demanded she have.

I mean...

Allegations of gambling, sexual assault, fake pregnancies and brandishing a gun... is this the best Soap Opera since Days of Our Lives?