Evander Kane beats one of Wayne Gretzky's records.

Evander Kane beats one of Wayne Gretzky's records.

Evander Kane does the nigh impossible and overtakes the legendary Wayne Gretzky.

Jonathan Larivee

Wayne Gretzky is the bar by which true greatness is measured in the sport of professional hockey and for that reason, whenever someone manages to unseat one of his nearly countless records it's a pretty big deal.

On Friday night, Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane did the nigh impossible when he overtook Gretzky on what is admittedly a relatively obscure recorded in the grand scheme of things, but overtook him nonetheless. In a 5-3 over the Anaheim Ducks, Kane would put 3 pucks in the back of the net on his way to the 5th hat trick of his National Hockey League career in an Oilers uniform.

In fact Kane would become the fastest player to ever record 5 hat tricks as an Oiler, accomplishing the feat in less time than even The Great One himself. It would take a young Wayne Gretzky 136 games to record his 5th hat trick as an Oiler and Kane managed to do it in 6 fewer games, accomplishing the feat in just 130 games.

To be fair to Gretzky, we are comparing a matured Evander Kane to a Wayne Gretzky that was beginning his career in the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers. In spite of that little bit of context, it remains impressive nonetheless that Kane was able to overcome any of Gretzky's legendary milestones.