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Evander Kane complains and takes a shot at the NHL and Sharks!

This is what the Oilers’ forward had to say on his first day at camp:


Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane brought the jokes on the first day of training camp on Wednesday. Though we are not sure they’re going to make everyone laugh.

Kane was asked to explain the reasons why it made sense to him to sign long term in Edmonton, despite making less money than he potentially could elsewhere as a free agent. Kane couldn’t help but to complain and take a shot at the NHL’s cap situation.

“The cap is a shitty thing for NHL players, especially a good one.” — Evander Kane.

The thing is, as a controversial player, Kane still manage to re-sign with the Oilers on a four-year, $5.125 million AAV deal. And that amount of money does not include the cash he will get following the settlement of his grievance case with the San Jose Sharks.

Last week, the Sharks announced an agreement with Kane regarding the termination of his contract. Kane was in the fourth season of a seven-year, $49 million deal in 2021-22 with the Sharks when his contract was terminated on Jan. 8 due to an alleged breach of COVID-19 protocols. It is believed Kane will receive a one-time payment from the Sharks and the cap penalty for San Jose will be retroactively applied to last season’s salary cap. He stood to lose approximately $22.9 million from the deal, but his settlement will reportedly come close to making up the difference between Kane’s contract with San Jose and the four-year, $20.5 million contract he signed with Edmonton earlier this summer as explained TSN’s Darren Dreger.

However, Kane stayed mum on his resolution with the Sharks last week, but still went for the joke, saying he may go more in depth on the topic in a future Netflix documentary.

“It’ll be in the Netflix doc when I’m done.”

Good thing the Oilers do not pay him to make people laugh. Last January, Kane joined the Oilers soon after on a pro-rated one-year, $2.1 million contract, scoring 22 goals and 17 assists over 43 regular-season games. He added 13 goals and four assists over 15 contest in the postseason.

With his new deal in hand, Kane needs to prove to the Oilers they were right to sign him back in Edmonton.

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.