Evander Kane hints at knocking out Youtube star Jake Paul.

Kane very confident.


Youtube sensation Jake Paul has been making some big waves in the boxing world, most recently with a big time knockout victory over former Ultimate Fighting Championship contender Ben Askren. As a result of his growing fame within the sport many are looking to be the next contender to step into the ring to face him, both because of the potential payday that comes with such a challenge and for the opportunity to become the man that finally shuts him up.

One of the men who challenged Paul early on during his ascension through the boxing world was National Hockey League star Evander Kane. Kane has a history of his own in the boxing world and recently he once again brought up the possibility of the fight, making comments that suggest he is very confident about stepping into the ring and challenging Paul between the ropes. Of course, the fact that it is now public knowledge that Kane is hurting for money has no doubt helped fuel his desire to sign on to such a fight.

"People ask is it because I want to get paid. Yeah, I want to get paid," admitted Kane when speaking to The Athletic.

Kane also clarified that he is very serious about his desire to get into the ring with Paul.

"Yeah, I’m serious. Oh yeah, 100 percent," admitted Kane.

Kane wasn't shy about discussing how he thinks the fight would turn out either should it ever come to pass. The San Jose Sharks forward strongly hinted at the fact that he believes he would leave Paul laying flat on his back, staring up at the rafters, much like he did with former NHL player Matt Cooke when he first entered the league as a rookie for the Atlanta Thrashers.

"But honestly, I grew up in it a little bit. I am a very competitive person. From what I have seen from him, there is nothing to be impressed about. He does a lot of talking and it might be a Matt Cooke moment for him," said Kane.

For those who aren't familiar with the moment that Kane is referencing here, check out the video below.

The problem for Kane, I believe, is that he is simply not a big enough name to draw the attention of Paul who seemingly has his eyes on bigger targets. As a hockey fan myself however I must admit that I would be glued to the television should these two ever meet inside a boxing ring.