Evander Kane in bad mood despite Oilers’ winning streak

What’s with him??



The Edmonton Oilers were in a great mood following their victory leading to their team-record 12th straight Thursday night over the Seattle Kraken. With the extra two points, Edmonton has jumped the Los Angeles Kings in the Pacific division race.

However, no everyone was in a good mood. When reporters got to forward Evander Kane in the dressing room for his comments on his team’s performance, Kane was less than chatty despite recording two assists in the 4-2 win over Seattle.

“Just getting an opportunity,” Kane remarked.

It was quickly pointed out after Kane’s short and not so sweet scrum that he may still be annoyed with how the Oilers have been using him this season. Earlier this month, team insider Mark Spector of Sportsnet reported how Kane was unhappy his role as of late, adding how it was less than he has ever experienced in his NHL career. It was certainly the case when the Oilers were still under head coach Jay Woodcroft, though Kane should realize many changes have been made with new head coach Kris Knoblauch.

Talks have also hinted at Kane possibility struggling with injuries and staying healthy this season, which could have an impact on his production and why his minutes have dropped from last year. Kane has however yet to tally a goal in 2024, and has posted just three assists in seven games of the new year.

Maybe that can explain why he was in a bad mood despite his team’s success, though as a veteran forward, he should know by now that the focus is on the team and making it to the postseason and not only about personal stats…

The Oilers look to make it 13 straight wins Saturday against the Flames in Calgary in an exciting battle of Alberta.

I guess we’ll see after this one if Kane is in a better mood…

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Source: Oilers, PR