Evander Kane issues an official challenge to Jake Paul.

Kane just made it real.


Things have suddenly just become very real.

On Saturday night famous Youtube star Jake Paul stunned many when he took on National Basketball Association star Nate Robinson in a boxing match. Now to be fair here Paul was coming into this contest as the heavy favorite to win the bout, however given Robinson's status as a professional athlete there was an expectation that he would do well for himself between the ropes. Instead Paul decimated Robinson during the bout, putting him down on the canvas repeatedly before scoring a brutal knockout that has now been seen worldwide.

Paul was brimming with confidence after the fight and issued challenge's to fighters like Conor McGregor who frankly would appear to be well out of his league. There's also the fact that McGregor is a significantly smaller man and would be nowhere near Paul's weight class to consider, but many have taken Paul's bravado as an opening to issue a challenge of their own.

Among those has been National Hockey League star Evander Kane who on Saturday night put out a tweet that suggested he was at least thinking about the possibility of stepping into the ring with Paul as his next opponent. 

"Jeeezzzz maybe I should take on Jake Paul next," wrote Kane on Twitter.

Now that could have been taken as merely an athlete being braggadocious but it would now appear as though this is no joke on the part of Evander Kane. On Sunday he put out another tweet and this time there was no mistaking his intentions, Kane not only told Paul that he would be willing to face him but added that he would do so at a specific time and date in 2021.

"Yo Jake Paul. I’d wreck ya. Easy to beat up guys with no experience and much smaller. August 31st 2021 Vegas we can see if you really about that action. #YourMove"

Now I hate to break it to Kane but as an NHL athlete he is of a far smaller profile than even a player like Nate Robinson who has been retired from the NBA for a few years now. That being said the big difference here is that Kane is currently an active player in the NHL, and I wonder if that alone would be enough to entice Jake Paul into taking this challenge seriously. 

Evander Kane has experience in the ring and I am now confident that he means it when he says he believes he can beat Paul between the ropes.