Evander Kane sends a warning to Keegan Kolesar after Game 2.

Evander Kane sends a warning to Keegan Kolesar after Game 2.

Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane wasn't done with Las Vegas Golden Knights forward Keegan Kolesar after Game 2.

Jonathan Larivee

The Edmonton Oilers and the Las Vegas Golden Knights clashed on Saturday night for Game 2 of their second round Stanley Cup playoff series, and you definitely got the sense following the conclusion of that game that the Oilers made it their mission to send a message.

Not only did the Oilers dominate the Golden Knights as far as the scoreboard was concerned, torching the Knights for 4 unanswered goals in the first period, but there was a level of physicality and ugliness from the Oilers that was also hard to miss.

Perhaps leading the charge in that regard was physical Oilers forward Evander Kane, who found himself on the wrong side of Golden Knights forward Keegan Kolesar several times during the night. You would however be hard pressed to argue that Kolesar didn't end up taking the worst of those exchanges, especially considering the UFC-style ground and pound Kane delivered to his opponent during the second period.

Following the game Kane was asked about his interactions with Kolesar and there was an unmistakeable warning in his comments, one that warns there will be more of the same if the Golden Knights forward continues to cross his path.

“When you want to f*** around, sometimes you gotta find out," said a confident sounding Evander Kane.

Kane wasn't surprised by the physicality in the game considering the dominant lead the Oilers took early in the game, but made it clear he had no regrets about how his team responded.

"We're up 5-0 right?" said Kane. "We know they are gonna try to run around and cause s*** and get involved in the game somehow and I think we did a great job of answering there."