Everyone says the same thing about Oilers’ fan who flashed the crowd in Edmonton as we head into SCF

Everyone says the same thing about Oilers’ fan who flashed the crowd in Edmonton as we head into SCF

What about you? Is this what you’re saying?

Chris Gosselin

If you type the words Oilers, fan, flash on Google, the first line of popular searches that comes up is Who is the fan that flashed the crowd at Oilers game? While, for now, we don’t know what her name is, we have seen that she has been offered many lucrative deals following her little peep show, getting offers from Internet porn sites, with one offer coming in at $100,000. A rep for The Porn Dude — an adult website that snares over 61 million views a month — said after seeing the woman display her assets during the Oilers vs. Stars Western Conference finals series last month, they want her in front of a cam. The spokesperson said they believe her boobs “were made for porn” — and are offering her a place on their famous PornDudeCasting set.

In the meantime, she remains one of the top trending topics in Canada and in link with the Stanley Cup playoffs, with fans still reacting to the video of her lifting her Oilers jersey to flash her breats and jiggle them around a bit. She burst into laughter after pulling her shirt down as she realized everything had been caught on camera.

On social media, she garnered the same comments over and over. Fans are now more than happy to cheer for the Oilers, even some stating that her boobs are the best thing to come out of an Oilers’ jersey.

Some fans add that they will watch more hockey from now on, with these comments only keeping the video alive and viral on many social media platforms.

“Maybe I should start going to more hockey games” said one fan.

“Hockey chicks always been superior” said another.

And of course this comment came back a lot: “and suddenly im an oilers fan.”

A few days later, and the video is still going strong as the clip has rapidly gone viral, accumulating well over a million views in a very short time, and unfortunately for this fan their moment of excitement may be one that follows them for some time.

One comment actually thought about this with one fan wondering:

“Might be awkward when she walks into the office, on Monday morning. LOL” said another on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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