Evgeny Kuznetsov demands a trade out of Washington.

Evgeny Kuznetsov demands a trade out of Washington.

The Russian winger has had enough of being a Washington Capital and has demanded to be moved to another team.

Jonathan Larivee

The 4th highest paid player on the Washington Capitals roster has apparently had his fill of Washington D.C. and is now looking for a change of scenery.

Although we don't often hear these types of stories at this point during a National Hockey League season, with the trade deadline having come and gone earlier this month, we now know that Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov has demanded a trade out of Washington through his agent.

A report from Russian media outlet Match TV has revealed that, not only does Kuznetsov want to be moved, but the original request for a trade came as long as 2 years ago. It would seem that Kuznetsov may have finally had enough this time around however, with reports of his trade desires now being leaked through the Russian media.

From Match TV, translated via Google translate:

On Friday, the North American media reported that Washington could trade Kuznetsov in the offseason. However, as it became known to Match TV, Kuznetsov himself has been asking the Capitals for an exchange for the second year through his agent. Previously, the capital club was not ready for this.

The 20 year old centerman's displeasure no doubt comes as a result of his dip in production as well as due to the fact that he has been bumped off of the Capitals top line by forward Dylan Strome. After putting up 24 goals and 54 assists for 78 points in 79 games last season, Kuznetsov has just 12 goals and 41 assists for a total of 53 points in 73 games this season, a significant drop off.

Although the trade deadline has come and gone, a move involving Kuznetsov will be much easier to facilitate during the offseason anyways due to his hefty cap hit of $7.8 million per season. Kuznetsov also has 2 more season remaining on his current deal after this one, so any interested parties would have to be able to take on that salary for 2 seasons.