Evidence mounts in investigation into Paul Coffey’s actions during Game 1 vs. Vancouver

Evidence mounts in investigation into Paul Coffey’s actions during Game 1 vs. Vancouver

A lot at stakes for the Oilers ahead of Game 2:

Chris Gosselin

On Wednesday night, during the third period of the first game between Edmonton and the Canucks in Vancouver, it was reported that Oilers assistant coach Paul Coffey allegedly did a racist hand gesture to a fan who wore a turban.
Coffey reportedly turned toward the fan, pantomimed putting a turban on his own head and then sarcastically said, ‘Nice hat!’

These are all unverified, unconfirmed allegations, but the fan who shared the information has now been informed by a Canucks’ Fan Experience and Event Operations employee that the incident is being reviewed.

The fan therefore added: “Will let the team handle the review and reach their own conclusion regarding the Paul Coffey situation.”

It remains to be seen what sort of consequences come from the investigation, if any. However, the NHL could be involved and Coffey could be penalized for his alleged actions.

Needless to say that if these allegations end up being true then I’ll be very, very disappointed in Coffey. Some fans have spoken about Coffey’s past questionable behaviour and past use of racial gestures. Back in 2014, he received a game misconduct for using “discriminatory slur” and ended up being suspended for three games.

At this time, we will need to wait for the Canucks’ arena staff and possibly the NHL to render a thorough investigation in the alleged incident.

I can only hope that this will be resolved and that no one should feel they have the right to disrespect someone using racial slurs.

Fans that say they did witness the altercation believe karma played its part when the Oilers, who had a 4-1 lead at the time of the alleged incident, went on to lose 5-4 at the hands of the Canucks.

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