Evil neighbor forces kids to scrap their outdoor rink 1 week before Christmas.

What the hell man.

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There are some people in the world who just can not abide watching anyone else having a good time.

A stunning report from CTV Ottawa's Mike Arsalides has revealed that a group of local kids in Nepean, Ontario will be forced to give up their outdoor skating rink after a neighbor complained that the winter project was "an eyesore." The neighbor reported the violation to the city council and the city was obliged to enforce the law that is on their books, which means that by tomorrow the boards must come down, which means no more rink for the kids. 

"Check out the fun here on the yard with these kids playing hockey, nothing better this time of year," said Arsalides in a preview for his story. "However, the city of Ottawa was notified by a neighbor here that this is not up to code  so tomorrow, the boards have to come down on this outdoor rink. Apparently it's become an eyesore to some individuals here in the area and the family says they are going to have to abide by it or pay a hefty fine. "

The timing of this is not lost on the kids or their parents either. They will be forced to close their outdoor rink, a project that likely required considerable effort to set up, almost exactly one week before Christmas. It's the time of year that children of that age would have the most free time to enjoy outdoor activities, and in an era where kids are glued to their smart phones and their ipdads one would think that this would be encouraged, not discouraged. 

"The kids are heartbroken saying 'Common were kids, a week from Christmas, don't take away our rink.'"

The good news here is that Arsalides plans to run a story about this on news, likely in the hopes that a little extra media attention will either encourage the city to bend the rules or perhaps at least reach some kind of compromise in regards to the rink. Here's to hoping that his report will help bring these kids an extra special gift just in time for the upcoming holiday, the outdoor rink that they seem to be having so much fun on.

Update: The mayor has now stepped in on behalf of the kids