EXCLUSIVE: DEVASTATING details regarding Patrice Bergeron’s health condition.

This guy is and will always be a true gladiator.

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EXCLUSIVE: DEVASTATING details regarding Patrice Bergeron’s health condition.

Patrice Bergeron has earned three wins of the Selke Trophy awarded annually to the NHL forward with the best defensive skills but also earned the respect of the entire NHL as being a true warrior while he played many times with injuries. 

A source from Quebec City (Patrice Bergeron’s native town) that is close to him confirmed Bergeron’s condition was not as reported by Amalie Benjamin. Amalie Benjamin reported Patrice Bergeron said he was dealing with a sports hernia all year. Surgery could be an option. According to our source, he would’ve played the entire year with injuries.

The truth is: Source confirms he is not only dealing with a groin injury, he’s also dealing with an abdominal strain. He would require surgery as reported by Amalie Benjamin but is too committed to his team to let them down during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In 79 games this season as the Bruins top-line center, Bergeron produced 21 goals and 53 points. He also dominated the league in possession statistics and advanced statistics. His Corsi-For %, that is the percentage of scoring chances for his team while on the ice, was a league-leading 61.2%, while his Corsi-For per 60 minutes was an outstanding 69.44. Bergeron is considered to be one of the premier two-way forwards in the game today.