Exclusive: Source confirms what one original 6 team offered for Duchene

By doing so, it confirms another impact player is on the market!

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As confirmed by a source close to the team, the Montreal Canadiens would have made an official offer for the highly praised Colorado Avalanches center Matt Duchene. Our source can confirm the Habs included their star prospect center Alex Galchenyuk but can’t confirm what else was involved in the package deal.

Moreover, our source added that the Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin would be open to deal Galchenyuk if (and only if) a team is ready to offer a big piece in exchange. We’re talking about an NHL ready player that could make a difference right now. Off ice situation could be related to his decision as Galchy is known to be a distraction for the team. 

There were a few trade speculation that suggested Marc Bergevin could trade Alex Galchenyuk but until today it was only pure speculation. It was more a benchmarking exercise as the media were trying to gage what the cost would be to acquire Matt Duchene.

Alex Galchenyuk is a 23-year-old center drafted 3rd overall on the 2012 draft. He has outstanding creativity, skills, and is adept at both playmaking and also scoring goals himself. Galchenyuk has an interesting physique a 6 ft2, 205 pounds which may increase his value on the market, as many teams are trying to get bigger on their center line. Can make a major offensive impact in the NHL but has some downside in his defensive play.