“Eyebrows were raised” after latest Sidney Crosby’s update

“Eyebrows were raised” after latest Sidney Crosby’s update

The insider tells it like it is:

Chris Gosselin

Nick Kypreos of the Toronto Star admitted that “eyebrows were raised” when the Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t announce a new contract for captain Sidney Crosby on July 1. The superstar enters the last year of a 12-year deal he inked back in 2012 and fans simply want the confirmation that Crosby will stay put in Pittsburgh and possibly lead the team to another championship before he hangs up the skates.

However, fans are still waiting and Kypreos explained how many are stunned by the silence and lack of updates in the contract situation. Crosby’s agent Pat Brisson did explain ahead of the NHL Draft that he would take the time to speak with his client about the vision for the coming years in Pittsburgh and to see if the captain likes the look of the future with the team that selected first overall in 2005.

Kypreos wrote that conversations are ongoing but there’s no rush on Crosby’s side and added:

“Read into that however you want.”

When the captain himself was asked about the ongoing negotiations last week, he remained mum and did not share any details such as the length of a potential contract extension or its salary cap hit.

“We’re talking,” Crosby said. “I’ll leave it at that. We’ll see what happens.”

It is true that the captain could sign a shorter term deal in Pittsburgh for another shot at a championship, and if the Penguins fail, why not sign as a free agent with a top contender to get one last chance at the Stanley Cup?

As for his next deal, some reports have indicated that Crosby could accept a massive discount to give the Penguins the best chance to succeed, like we’ve seen both Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci do in the past with the Boston Bruins.

For now, the focus from Crosby is on seeing what GM Kyle Dubas does to improve the roster this summer and what it looks like heading into 2024-25. Maybe then, Sid will decide if it deserves his extension.

Source: Nick Kypreos of the Toronto Star