Fan brutally assaulted during Stanley Cup playoff game.

Fan brutally assaulted during Stanley Cup playoff game.

A fan has reached out to the hockey community for help after a vicious assault during a Stanley Cup playoff game.

Jonathan Larivee

This story is just terrible.

A National Hockey League fan has reached out to the hockey community for help after he says he was the victim of an unprovoked attacked following a Stanley Cup playoff game. The fan, a man identified as Jason Bowen, has released a statement alongside pictures that show significant damage to his face, damage that he claims came courtesy of a sucker punch from an opposing fan after Game 2 of the opening round playoff series between the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights.

As a result of the attack Bowen has suffered extensive injuries and will require surgery, all for the crime of cheering for the opposing team at a hockey game.

Here is Bowen's statement unedited and in full:

Hi All, I'm not here to hate on the Stars. Just a Knights fan that was at game 2 with my fiancé.  Traveled in from San Antonio to see the game. Grew up in Vegas. I've met a lot of good people that are Stars fans and the Stars fans next to us at the game were extremely friendly.

My hope is I can find the guy that ran away after throwing a blindsided haymaker at me from near Hero's at the entrance of American Airlines Arena after the game when we were looking for our Uber. I had to be taken to the hospital via paramedics and will need extensive and likely more than one surgery for all the fracture in my face, eye socket, blurred vision, misalignment jaw, and more. I know the real true fans of the Stars will call this guy out and not welcome him as a Stars fan. It's not good for the game, the organization, or the team. Thank you and would appreciate anyone who can share it to find who assaulted me.

It is a credit to Mr. Bowen that, in spite of his terrible experience, he is still taking the time to praise all of the kind hockey fans he encountered during his time in Dallas, refusing to let one bad apple spoil the entire bunch. Hopefully those same fans will reward Mr. Bowen for his kindness by helping him track down the person responsible for this terrible assault.

Mr. Bowen has since reached out for help on social media and I am happy to report that members of the hockey community are rallying behind him.

Fans, behavior like this has no place in the sport of hockey.