Fan builds website dedicated to firing of Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli

Still waiting for an update!

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There’s perhaps no one in the hockey world under more pressure than Peter Chiarelli. The Edmonton Oilers general manager has failed to turn his team into a contender during his tenure, delivering a Stanley Cup Playoff appearance just once in his three and a half years with the organization. 

Chiarelli has handed out big ticket contracts to players like Connor McDavid and Leon Draistaitl (understandable), as well as players like Milan Lucic and Kris Russel (unbelievable). He has traded away stars like Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle for little in return, depending on how you feel about Adam Larsson, and by firing former head coach Todd McLellan he may have dealt his last card. If Ken Hitchcock can’t get the Oilers back into the playoffs, Chiarelli is all but done in Edmonton. 

To say that the fans in Edmonton are getting restless would be the understatement of the century. To put it bluntly, Oilers fans want Chiarelli out and they want him out NOW. This sentiment has led one enterprising Oilers fan to build a website entitled “Has Peter Chiarelli Been Fired Yet?” The premise is simple: it simply says “NO” and will be updated one… you know… Chiarelli is canned.

Check it out:

Three years, 261 days and counting… come on, Darryl Katz… give us an UPDATE!