Fan displays incredible act of disrespect during National Anthem!

First kneeling, and now this?! How disrespectful!

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Before the beginning of a sporting event, fans rise together, remove their hats and caps, and listen (or sing along) to the national anthem. It's a sign of unity and respect for the flag of one's respective country.

This event has been marked by protests against racial injustice and political strife in the United States. Players kneeled at football games, J.T. Brown raised a fist at an NHL game.

And now we have this.

A Detroit Red Wings fan decided to chuck an octopus at a Florida Panthers fan during the national anthem. The tradition of throwing an octopus on the ice in Detroit is a long tradition dating way back to 1952, but it's the ultimate sign of disrespect to throw a 10-pound creature directly at a fan's head.

“It was quite heavy. It hurt me, and I was quite shaken up by it. I certainly wasn’t expecting to get hit in the head by a large animal of some type,” said the victim, Charles Sternfield to

The police are investigating the matter. There was no video footage of the incident. You can see the video interview with the victim here.