Fan gets roasted by Marchand over Twitter comments

The poor guy finally deleted his tweet!

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Bruins' top forward Brad Marchand's been in the league for a while now and everybody know he's a pest. He has that ability to annoy whoever he faces on the ice. Even though he's proven everyone he is one of the best two-way player in the show, he can still aggravates people on and off the ice.

Recently, one "unlucky fan" discovered it at his own expense when he attacked Marchy with a homophobic slur. Marchand replied :

"This derogatory statement is offensive to so many people around the world, [you're] the kind of kid parents are ashamed of".

The fan's tweet has since been deleted. Marchand wanted to make it clear when contacted by ESPN about the story : 

"I want to stand up for what I believe in, and I don't think it's right when people say things or bash people because of their sexual orientation. I have friends who are in gay relationships, and I don't think it's right for people to be against that."

LGBT community lauded him after his tweet.