Fan knocked out after Game 4 between Canes and Rangers.

Fan knocked out after Game 4 between Canes and Rangers.

An altercation between opposing fans turns violent, leaving one fan lying unconscious on the pavement.

Jonathan Larivee

An altercation between two opposing fans has turned violent and left one fan seriously injured.

A video has emerged on social media showing the aftermath of an incident that allegedly occurred between an unidentified New York Rangers fan and an unidentified Carolina Hurricanes fan outside of PNC Arena following Game 4 between the Rangers and Hurricanes.

The video was published on social media platform X by a user identified only by the name "Noah" and it was published in the hopes of helping to identify the alleged attacker in the video. Here is the message that accompanied the video:

if anyone knows the man who was knocked out outside pnc tonight I have a video that has the face of the rangers fan. please contact me if you think it could be of any help

In the video a Hurricanes fan can be seen lying on the ground in bad shape as several other men off to the side appear to be trying to restrain anyone from doing any more harm to those around them.

That being said it is important to note that there is no video of what led to the altercation or of the altercation itself at this time, and I would caution anyone rushing to any judgement or conclusions on either side of this incident.