Fan loses crazy bet, will now have Bettman tattooed in a very uncomfortable spot on his body.

Oh man this poor guy.

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If you're going to bet in life, at least make sure the wager isn't something that's going to haunt you for the rest of your life.

One hockey fan was so sure of his prediction for the Stanley Cup playoffs he put it out on social media for the world to see, with an extra special condition attached to it. The fan stated that if he was wrong, he would get none other than NHL commissioner Gary Bettman tattooed on his backside!

Back on February 27th the fan stated on twitter "I'll get Gary Bettman's face tattooed on my ass if Chicago and LA both get bounced in the first round." Needless to say, with the benefit of hindsight, we now know he made a big mistake, one that he made very, very public. 

To his credit, he has kept true to his word, and not only will he be going through with the tattoo, he's also made the best of the opportunity and is raising funds for a children's charity in the process. He's even letting fans vote for which butt cheek it will be on.