Fan says he was attacked and robbed for wearing a Jets jersey in Montreal

Absolutely disgraceful. It's only a game, people.


Winnipeg Jets fan Alex Wojakowski has lived in Montreal since moving from Winnipeg in the summer of 2019 and is used to some good natured ribbing when cheering on his hometown Jets. He's even received taunts and nasty comments from Montreal Canadiens fans, but things had never turned violent before Monday evening.

The Habs, of course, swept the Jets in their second round playoff series on Monday night and Alex was in attendance with his beloved Jets logo on his chest. After the game was over and Habs fans spilled out into the Montreal streets to celebrate, that's when things turned ugly for Wojakowski. The 23 year old was allegedly assaulted and robbed of his jersey by a mob of angry Habs fans. He called 911 immediately to report the assault, but police were unable to apprehend any perpetrators.  

“Then they rushed me and three of them punched me on the side of the head. One of them pushed me and he scratched me across the face,” he said in an interview with CTV on Wednesday.

"And then I tried to run to get away, and then one of them grabbed my jersey from the back, and he was trying to rip it off me and they were just really adamant on getting my jersey. So I just said okay, here, take my jersey."

Absolutely disgraceful. This is just a game, people. I'm all for good natured ribbing and even some over the line trash talk, but violence is just stupid. Does it make you feel like a real fan to rob someone of their jersey? Give your head a shake.

“The thought of going to a game now makes me feel like I can’t cheer for the team I want to cheer for or after the game I have to take off my jersey so I don’t get attacked,” he said to CTV.

“I think it's really disgusting ... Now that we’re finally getting the privilege to open up and finally attend hockey games and that’s the way Montreal Canadiens fans act against visiting teams fans, that’s disgusting.”

I have to agree whole heartedly. Here's hoping the perpetrators are brought to justice, but I'm not holding my breath.