Fans are outraged as NHL announce which referees will be working the first round!

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The NHL playoffs kick off tomorrow and while players are ready for the action, there needed to be an announcement on who would be on hand to keep things under control and players respecting the rules. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the NHL officially announced which referees will be working the first round of the postseason. John Shannon of Sportsnet published the list of names on his Twitter account. 

Here are the names of the officials working for the first round of the postseason: 

It did not take long for passionate fans to reveal how they felt about the referees employed for the first round and the one official who got the most hate is Tim Peel

Winnipeg Jets fans aren’t a fan of Peel, who has often penalized the Jets on the ice this season and last. It seems like some Colorado Avalanche fans also want him to be assigned to other games than theirs. Peel is one of the most hated officials in the NHL... 

Back in 2015, Peel made headlines when he was barred for one game, a contest between Pittsburgh and the hometown New Jersey Devils, after Yahoo Sports blogger Greg Wyshynski tweeted a photo of he and Peel holding a shot of tequila at a New York City bar the previous night.

Fans were outraged by his nomination and did not hold back on social media: 

Of course, the beloved fan favourite Wes McCauley got a lot of love as his name was announced in the list of working referees for the first round series. Fans are hoping to see him and his miced up antics this postseason as well.

Maybe this will soften the blow for fans outraged about Peel’s nomination. However, it seems like the NHL can’t make everyone happy…