Fans ask to force Jack Edwards’ retirement despite his medical state

Fans ask to force Jack Edwards’ retirement despite his medical state

It reached a new level on Thursday night in the game vs. Vegas.



Longtime NESN broadcaster Jack Edwards recently opened up to fans as he discussed the ongoing concern that some members of the Boston Bruins’ fanbase has had for his health, especially this season. It’s been hard not to notice that Edwards has developed a slower, slurred down speech pattern compared to his bombastic style in the past. Frankly, it often sounds like Edwards has been drinking or like he has suffered a stroke.

When he commented on his medical state, Edwards assured that neither is the case though and that medical doctors do not have an explanation for his suddenly slurred speech.

“I did not have some kind of accident,” he recently told “I do not have cancer. I don’t have dementia. I haven’t had a stroke. All of that’s been confirmed by Mass. General neurology.

“They’ve done tests that seem like I’m going through some sort of science-fiction scene, but it’s really true. The images of my brain literally reveal nothing. That’s my joke with them.”

“They haven’t made a definitive diagnosis and they’ve been working on me for a year and a half. It’s very frustrating, as you can imagine, for me to have this slowdown in my speech.”

Despite the ongoing evaluation of his health status, Edwards has said he has no plan to retire early due to his ongoing speech issues and says he’s treating it like an in-season injury that he plans on recovering from.

However on Thursday night when NESN presented the game between the Bruins and visiting Vegas Golden Knights, fans got very angry with Edwards’ speech, noting how he was behind on almost every play. Some asked the usual questions on whether he was drunk or needed medical attention, while others, despite his recent interview on his medical state, demand he’d be fired by NESN and the Bruins.

Here are some comments that were trending on X, formerly known as Twitter, during the game:

Unless something is done directly from his employer, Edwards has no plan to call it quits. Which means we will see him trending and people calling for NESN to force his retirement until the end of the season. And maybe more.

Until the longtime broadcaster is either fired or resigns, I guess fans will have to put up with Edwards and his very own style…

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Source: comments on X