Fans blast Mitch Marner for tone-deaf “gods” comment

Marner is facing justified criticism for his season-ending remarks.

Michael W.

The Toronto Maple Leafs found themselves once again unable to deliver when it mattered most, exiting the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Round 1, continuing what has unfortunately become an annual pattern of disappointment. Their latest setback unfolded in yet another Game 7 defeat, this time against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden, a venue that has proven to be a persistent source of frustration for the team.

The Maple Leafs, still in pursuit of their first Stanley Cup victory since 1967, faced another bitter disappointment in their postseason journey. And one player who is being singled out particularly for a lack of production along with a lackluster back checking effort on the final play of the series is forward Mitch Marner. 

Already having been called out publicly by fans and media alike, Marner decided to really step in it and open himself up to a new level of criticism for his completely tone-deaf comments made earlier today in which he likened himself and his Leafs teammates to god-like status.

“We’re looked upon as, you know, kind of gods here to be honest,” Marner said. “Something that you really appreciate and the love that you get here from this fan base and this attention is unlike any other." 

Bit of a news flash there, Mitch. In order to be viewed like "gods" to anyone other than fans who haven't hit puberty yet, you have to accomplish something more than regular season success. 

And not long after his comments, the criticism became pouring in from all over social media. 

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Source: Twitter