Fans blast Morgan Rielly for nonchalant view on skid

Rielly isn't worried, but should he be?



There's no denying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are in a funk right now. At the present time, they sit at 5-4-1 through the first nine games of the season and haven't earned two points in four straight.

Things really came to a head last week in their loss against the Boston Bruins in which Leafs players failed to defend their teammate Timothy Liljegren after he was injured by Brad Marchand; they would follow that up with a 6-4 loss to the division rival Buffalo Sabres. 

But if you're looking for Leafs players to express worry over their lackluster start, don't expect to see it coming from veteran defenseman Morgan Rielly. In his words, he's not worried and neither is the team. 

"In terms of adversity, I don't think this is anything," he said. "This is just the start of the season. This is how it goes. You go through ups and downs, and then you try to right the ship, and then you get going. So, I don't think anyone's reading too much into it."

That did not sit well with Leafs fans, who are clearly wanting more urgency from their team and haven't seen it as of yet, and are worried that it's a symptom of a culture that has been built that won't result in winning anything of note.

When is the right time for the Leafs to officially press the panic button? 

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