Fans get terribly upset with Auston Matthews on Black Out Tuesday

The Leafs star player in hot water?!

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In case you haven’t been on social media much today, people all over the world are effectively “going dark” by blacking out their profiles in a show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

NHL players and teams are taking up the cause as well, despite some calls from fans to keep politics and the current strife in many American cities out of the sport.

Earlier on Tuesday, Toronto Maple Leafs star player Auston Matthews decided to join the movement and posted a black square on social media to show his support. 

However, some fans are upset that Matthews is only following a trend to show his support to the cause and demand that he does more like making a donation to help George Floyd’s family or different organizations that can really make a difference. 

See some of the comments from the outraged fans: 

Others fans were moved by Matthews’ choice to go dark on Tuesday, even calling him the true Maple Leafs captain. Let's not forget that he also expressed his condolences to those who had been impacted by this situation and other incidents like it while also calling on the world to unite together earlier this weekend. 

What do you think about Matthews’ social presence during this Black Lives Matter movement?