Fans in Ottawa revolt against their own team on Saturday!

Fans in Ottawa revolt against their own team on Saturday!

The fans in attendance on Saturday let their GM know that they are not happy with his decisions.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans in Ottawa are well aware of what is going on with their team and they aren't happy about it.

On Saturday afternoon the Ottawa Senators faced off against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Canadian Tire Center but, in spite of the fact that the Senators put on a solid performance in what was their home opener, the fans in Ottawa made their displeasure known. The Senators would score 5 goals during the course of the game, eventually winning by a score of 5-2, but during the final minutes of the third period the fans in Ottawa let management exactly how they feel about the drama currently surrounding their team.

The drama I am referring to is of course the fact that restricted free agent forward Shane Pinto remains unsigned despite the season being underway, a situation that many believe has been caused by poor cap management from Senators general manager Pierre Dorion.

With 3 minutes left on the game clock, Senators fans in the building began chanting "we want Pinto" and the chants became loud enough that they were picked up on the NHL broadcast. Even worse for the Senators, the cameras flashed to general manager Pierre Dorion as the chants were ongoing and he seemed none too pleased about the situation.

Here's an angle from the crowd, the chants were very loud.