Fans in Pittsburgh litter the ice after optical illusion makes them think Penguins scored.

Fans upset by optical illusion.

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Fans at PPG Paints Arena were absolutely outraged in overtime of Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Final. but it was all because of an optical illusion.

A shot from Penguins forward Phil Kessel went off the post and over the net, however in the hectic scramble around the net it was hard to tell exactly what had happened. 

To make matters worse, from a couple of different replay angles it actually looked like the puck may have gone into the net, although we eventually got a definitive angle that showed that was not the case.

That didn't stop fans in Pittsburgh from voicing their displeasure, with some even littering the ice. It was so convincing in fact that even Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan ask for clarification from the referees.