Fans might have to settle for boring hockey if NHL resumes this summer…

You miss the action, but are you willing to settle for boring games?

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We miss hockey so much: some fans have been watching old games, looking for the thrill of hearing blades on the ice and bodies hitting the boards. 

The NHL season was suspended on March 12 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and players and team employees have been told to stay home. Some players keep active, but none of them have been back on the ice since the shut down has been put in place.

That’s what is getting coaches and general managers nervous if ever the 2019-20 season decides to resume. Darren Dreger explained on last night’s Insider Trading on TSN that many people are worried about players’ safety, but also wonder if the level of competition will be good enough to satisfy fans who missed the game so much. 

“Well the number one concern is injury. No player has ever gone two or three months without skating and then jumped into a mini training camp or exhibition or regular season games. Number two on the list would be the energy level, the intensity level. This time of year, many of the playoff teams are running at full speed. Well, that won’t be the case when the players return. It might be for some. It won’t be for others. Will there be a willingness to finish checks, block shots. How long will it take to amp up that intensity?”

We know that players, coaches, fans and league officials are trying their best to find a solution to finish the current season, but we begin to wonder, is it really worth it at this point?