Fans slam Ron MacLean over 'bootlicking' Bettman interview.

Fans slam Ron MacLean over 'bootlicking' Bettman interview.

Fans who tuned into the Stanley Cup Final on Saturday were not happy with the questions directed at the NHL comissioner.

Jonathan Larivee

Over his many years as a broadcaster Ron MacLean has earned something of a reputation for hitting National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman with some tough questions when the two face off in an interview, and perhaps that is at least a contributing part of the reason that MacLean is on the receiving end of so much criticism on Saturday night.

MacLean interviewed Bettman following his annual "State of the Union" address ahead of the Stanley Cup Final, but many fans were not happy with what they perceived as softball questions for the commissioner. Several of MacLean's critics this evening recalled his former interviews where he took the NHL commissioner to task.

Several others just seemed unhappy with the segment altogether.

Perhaps the harshest criticism that MacLean received though was a mention of his former co-host Don Cherry, a co-host that one observer believes would not have let Bettman off so easily.

Is the criticism of MacLean fair? Was he too soft on Bettman tonight? You can judge for yourselves by watching the full interview below: