Father/Daughter team spent years trolling Leafs fans in their own building!
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Father/Daughter team spent years trolling Leafs fans in their own building!

LOL! I absolutely love this guy!



This story is too good not to share, even if we didn't write it ourselves.

Check out this story from the Daily Hive in Vancouver, featuring a Father/Daughter combo who have been trolling the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans for years now.

From the Daily Hive:

Enter Erv and Dani, a Toronto-based father-daughter duo who’ve been attending Leafs games together for years… and rooting for their opponents.

Erv is both a long-time Leafs season ticket holder and a lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan, who chooses to show his support with his daughter by rooting against his team’s biggest rival.

“We can’t travel to Montreal for every game, so we’ll support the Leafs’ opponent,” Dani said in an interview with Daily Hive. “It just so happens that this game we were recognized.”

As for the odds of getting recognized on two different broadcasts? Well, in a sea of Leafs jerseys, Dani admitted it was pretty easy to spot her and her dad sitting in the lower bowl.

“There’s not that many Panthers fans [in Toronto]… it’s a bright blue jersey,” Dani added. “It’s right near where one of the camera ladies is.”

More from Daily Hive:

While Erv became a fan of Montreal for players like Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur, Dani, a former goalie herself, became fond of the Canadiens team’s backstopped by star goalie Carey Price.

Over the years, attending Leafs games with her dad while donning their opponents’ gear became a ritual for the two.

“He goes to every one, and I go to almost all of them. I’m still in school, so I can’t be as committed,” Dani added. “He’s had season tickets as soon as he could buy them.”

While her dad has “every single” jersey in the NHL, Dani said she’s working on her own collection.

“It’s such an amazing way to connect with my dad,” she added. “I think hockey is very special because when you’re sitting there as a Leafs fan you’re kind of high-fiving everyone [when they score], but for when you’re [cheering for] the visiting team and there’s not many other people around, it’s just you two enjoying the moment.”

And while she said a stray beer has been thrown her way once, it’s been nearly all positivity from those in the areas surrounding her and her dad, whatever jersey they’re wearing.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to never really have a bad encounter,” Dani said. “I know Leafs fans that went to Tampa for round one and they’ve gotten punched, so I’m very grateful for the Toronto fans for not being as mean.”

Dani, a high school student with an interest in studying either sports management or sports psychology, said she and her dad aren’t afraid to support the Raptors or Blue Jays throughout their respective seasons.

“We love all Toronto teams… except the Leafs,” Dani added. “I’m not a Leaf hater… I want them to do well. I just want the other team to do better.”

As for if she’ll be in attendance in Panthers blue with her dad once again for Game 2?

“I’m a little nervous, but we’re definitely going back for Thursday.”

Even if you're a Leafs fan you have to respect this guy. What an absolute legend!

Source: The Daily Hive