Fight between players and owners may 'guarantee' another lockout.

Horrible news for fans of the game.

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The battle between the International Ice Hockey Federation, the Olympic Committee, and the National Hockey League may have a drastic impact on the future of the NHL.

Jimmy Murphy believes that should the NHL refuse to participate in the upcoming Olympic Games, and all signs point to this being the case, then another lockout is absolutely unavoidable.

"If NHL doesn't go to Olympics, be prepared for another work stoppage," said Murphy. "Was likely coming anyhow but this guarantees it! Enjoy next few years!"

Of course the sympathy from fans here is likely to be entirely with the players. Fans want to see high level hockey at the Olympics and no matter what excuses the NHL makes everyone knows this is all about money at the end of the day.

"NHL & owners are being very short-sighted & selfish with Olympics situation," added Murphy. "It's a business, yes, but the game is about the players & fans!"

Honestly is feels like the fans are getting screwed all around.