Fight breaks out after Game 7 in Toronto.

A fight among fans after their team is eliminated.

Jonathan Larivee

Some fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs appear to be turning on one another.

A video has begun to quickly make the rounds on social media that appears to show a group of Toronto Maple Leaf fans at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, fighting amongst one another.

The video begins and it appears that there is an altercation going on between a man who appears to have removed his jersey, and who may have even started working on removing his pants as well,  and a group of Maple Leafs fans who still have their jerseys on. In this particular altercation the worst of it appears to have already passed, and the half clothed fan is merely chased around by the other angry fans for a bit before they walk off camera.

After that initial altercation though a second fight appears to break out between another set of Leaf fans who may or may not have been connected to the initial altercation between the half clothed man and the first group of Leaf fans. This second altercation is much more physical as the fans not only wrestle one another to the ground, but continue to throw punches as they try to struggle back to their feet.

Unfortunately for both of the fans involved in the second altercation, a law enforcement official intervenes in their confrontation and I imagine there's a real chance that they might face consequences for their ill advised behavior. Hopefully it won't be anything more than a fine or a temporary ban from the facility, especially considering that they appeared to do relatively little harm and are no doubt emotionally charged after seeing their team fail to advance yet again in a Game 7 situation.

In case it needs to be said, the group of fans here do not represent all of the fans in Toronto and are only a very small minority of the fans who attended tonight, the vast majority of whom were on their best behavior in spite of their team suffering another disappointing loss.

Here is the video of both altercations: