Fight broke out as fan heckled goalie Tucker Tynan as he almost bled to death!

This is what happened in the stands while the young goalie got cut by a skate blade!

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We strongly hope karma gets this man. And in a way it might have already started to… 

On Thursday night, the Niagara IceDogs of the Ontario Hockey League lost their goalie Tucker Tynan after he was bleeding profusely following a collision in his own net.

Tynan went down and fans noticed something was tragically wrong after the collision. A skate cut his leg and Tynan needed immediate help.

As paramedics and trainers rushed onto the ice to help him, a fan decided to get close to the ice as well to heckle the medical staff and Tynan himself to get off this ice to keep the game going. 

The fan was ejected from the arena, and a fight reportedly broke out as well as other fans attempted to hit him for his ridiculous actions. 

In the video and pictures below, you can have a close look at this disgusting individual who heckled the poor goalie who almost bled to death. 

As you know by now, Tynan underwent surgery and is now stable. The IceDogs took the time to thank the paramedics and teams’ training staffs who came to the rescue. 

"We would like to sincerely thank our training staff and medical staff of the London Knights training staff, and the medical staff of the Niagara Health System in St. Catharines for their immediate and precise attention in treating Tucker Tynan tonight."

The IceDogs have announced that the IceDogs two upcoming home games this weekend will be postponed as the team continues to cope with the unfortunate events that took place last night

The postponed games are to allow the young players time to cope and seek support from professionals if needed.