Fight breaks out in bleachers in Tampa!

Gloves get dropped off the ice…


It has been a tight game on the ice for this Game 7 of the Stanley Cup semi final between the New York Islanders and Lightning in Tampa Bay, but things got under out control in the stands. 

Early in the third period, as the Bolts led 1-0 over the Islanders to clinch the spot in the final against the Montreal Canadiens, a fight broke out in the stands between what appears to be a Lightning fan and one for New York. 

As the broadcast went on, the camera caught the two stupid men hitting one another. The fight appears to be broken up moments later by other fans and/or security members. 

The commentators on Sportsnet mentioned the brawl in passing, but didn’t want to give these idiots anymore attention. 

Here is what was seen from fans and now viral on social media: