Fight turns into blood bath as both players are rushed to the hospital in LHSAAAQ!

WARNING | These images are tough to watch.


A fight took place during of a game of the LHSAAAQ (Ligue de Hockey Senior AAA) in Quebec on Saturday and it turned into a nightmare.

As the contest went on between the Trois-Rivieres Climatisation Cloutier and the La Tuque Loups, Gabriel Mailhot and Keven Charest dropped the gloves in the third period at centre ice and it quickly turned into a blood bath.

Fights often take place in this league and so the thought of an altercation is nothing new for these players. However, this one started off as a usual fight, but ended up with both men suffering serious injuries.

According to the Echo de La Tuque, Keven Charest (La Tuque) suffered multiple fractures to his face, in addition to puncturing his sinuses. He will need to undergo surgery though he did skate off on his own. As for Gabriel Mailhot (Trois-Rivieres) he sustained a major laceration to his face as he laid in a pool of blood on the ice. Both players were rushed to the hospital.

Since the footage is tough to watch, the link needs to be open in YouTube to make sure viewers are old enough to see its content. You’ve been warned.

This league is not meant for hockey players it seems - it’s around for the show and fights. And clearly this one turned into a nightmare…