Filip Chytil gets help from an NHL legend in his recovery.
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Filip Chytil gets help from an NHL legend in his recovery.

Rangers forward Filip Chytil has been dealing with a concussion and now he's getting help from an unlikely source.

Jonathan Larivee

The New York Rangers received some rather bad news back in December when it was reported that 24 year old forward Filip Chytil would be leaving the team and heading back home to his home country of Czechia. Chytil has been out of the lineup since suffering a concussion back in early November, but on Monday we got our first positive update on the former Rangers first round pick.

It would appear that Chytil has enlisted the aid of an NHL legend on his road to recovery with the young man being photographed on the ice today alongside none other than the legendary Jaromir Jagr.

Chytil shared the photograph on his Instagram page roughly an hour ago and it came alongside a caption that read "Special practise today." I think most everyone would agree that hitting the ice with a living legend like Jaromir Jagr is indeed pretty special.

More importantly though this is hopefully a sign that Chytil is well down the path of recovering from his concussion, and perhaps we will see him back in the National Hockey League sooner rather than later.