Filip Forsberg goes off for a hat trick in just 25 minutes.

An absolute demolition from Forsberg.

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The Toronto Maples Leafs are not a good team, and in fact recent trades have made them an even weaker line up, and Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg is a good player.

That combination came together on Tuesday night and provided fans in attendance with an absolute beat down before their eyes, as Forsberg destroyed the Maple Leafs recording a natural hat trick roughly halfway through the contest.

In defense of goaltender James Reimer you should really only blame him for one of the goals, in which a failed clearing attempt effectively gifted Forsberg his second goal of the contest, in the rest of the cases it seemed like defensive break downs were at least a part of the issue for the Leafs.

With that said losing is the plan in Toronto, so fans on both sides are going to be happy.