Filip Zadina once again calls out Red Wings

Does he have a point?



Last month, forward Filip Zadina agreed to join the San Jose Sharks, signing a one-year pact worth a reported $1.1 million. It's a major gamble for Zadina, who came into the NHL with high expectations after being selected with the 6th overall pick in 2018 by the Red Wings but never lived up to the potential he was thought to have possessed. 

Red Wings fans will always remember Zadina's promise to make teams like the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators regret passing on him by "filling their nets with pucks". But his prediction never came to fruition, with only 28 goals scored in 190 career games.

He's now got a fresh start with the Sharks, and needless to say, he's hoping that it goes far better with his new team. And this time, he's implying that he's ready to hit the ground rolling.

According to comments that he made recently to writer Uffe Bodin, Zadina appears to feel that he may have been rushed into the NHL before he was ready. 

“It’s tough for a young rookie to come to a team under rebuilding like Detroit was then,” he said. 

Zadina made his NHL debut during the 2018-19 season, appearing in nine games so that he wouldn't use up a year of his rookie deal. The following year of 2019-20 was a historically poor campaign for Detroit, as they were mathematically eliminated from the postseason in February, far before any other team. 

During that year, Zadina scored eight goals in 28 games, which comes out to a pace of nearly 23 goals over a full 82 game year. 

“Such a team does not have as strong a core as other clubs have," Zadina said. "I was happy and lucky that I got the chance in the NHL so early, which I probably wouldn’t have gotten in many other clubs. I tried my best that time, but if you are not a (Connor) McDavid or (Auston) Matthews, it is difficult to make such a difference." 

“If I had been 31 or so, I might have thought differently,” he continued. “But now I’m only 23 and I think the best case scenario for me is to play hockey for less money and get a chance to play regularly instead of going in and out of the lineup.

“Sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get something more out of life. I am still young and I will be able to earn the money later." 

How will Zadina perform in his first year with the Sharks this fall?

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