Fire sale in New Jersey? Conflicting reports suggest Blake Coleman has also just been traded!

The Devils are trading everyone!

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When the New Jersey Devils announced that they had traded their captain earlier today I suggested that it could be the sign that a significant tear down of the team may be coming, and now we have yet another move that lends credence to that theory. 

According to a breaking news report from National Hockey League insider Renaud Lavoie the Devils have now also traded veteran center Blake Coleman to the Colorado Avalanche, although at this time we have not heard any details regarding a potential return. There has already been a ton of speculation surrounding Coleman today as the veteran was pulled out of the Devils lineup this evening and additionally there were reports that he was not with the team, leading to a belief that a deal had been consummated or was close to being agreed upon.

Lavoie is a very solid reporter however I must mention that Abbey Mastraccob of the Record Sports is currently reporting that sources within the New Jersey Devils organization have informed her that Coleman has not in fact been traded to the Avalanche.

Update: Pierre LeBrun has also shot down the report of this being a done deal. 

Obviously we will be keeping you up to date as we try and sort through what is really going on here.