First NHL player tested for coronavirus(that we know of) comes back negative!

Big news out out of the NHL.

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The first player in the National Hockey League has been tested, at least as far as we know publicly, and we have good news to report.

According to a report from Sportsnet's National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman, Arizona Coyotes defenseman Aaron Ness was tested for COVID-19, or more commonly known simply as the coronavirus, and his test results have come back negative. The source of the information is none other than player agent Neil Sheeny who currently represents Aaron Ness, so there is no doubting the report here which is excellent news indeed. 

No doubt this has to be a huge relief for Ness, his family, his fellow players in the Arizona Coyotes locker room, the Arizona Coyotes organization as a whole and even the National Hockey League. Ness was one of the players rumored to have contracted the virus when reports began to surface of players potentially being infected and the fact that he has been cleared today will finally put the rumors involving his name to bed. There were of course reports involving other players at the same time that Ness' name began to surface but thus far we have not heard the results of those tests at this time. 

Last week Dallas Stars insider Matthew DeFranks of the Dallas Morning News reported that there were serious concerns surround Russian superstar Alexander Radulov who had been sick for 2 weeks, and there is an expectation that he has undergone some form of testing by now. 

"Stars players are being told to stay away from the rink," wrote DeFranks last week. "The team is looking for a COVID-19 test kit to test Alexander Radulov. Players don't know if they'll get paid during the suspension."

No doubt there are many who are eagerly awaiting the results of that test, likely including every single member of the Dallas Stars locker room, but thus far we have not heard any updates from the National Hockey League or from the camp of Alexander Radulov on this matter. In fact we do not even know what the NHL's plan of action would be if one of their players did test positive, for all we know they may decide not to make that information available to the public.

Stay tuned for more updates.