First public outing for David Pastrnak following the passing of his newborn child

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In June, Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak announced the death of his infant son Viggo Rohl Pastrnak. His girlfriend, Rebecca Rohlsson, gave birth to Viggo on June 17. The newborn died six days later. The cause of death was not disclosed. 

Pastrnak shared the heartbreaking news on his personal Instagram account, which read: “We have an Angel watching over us and we call him SON. You will be loved FOREVER. Please respect our privacy as we are going through these heartbreaking times.”

This was heartbreaking times for Pastrnak who spent most of the offseason away from the limelight. He had mentioned more than once throughout the season how excited he and Rohlsson were for the birth of their son. He had painted the nursery, built a crib… He needed the time away from fans. 

On Tuesday, the NHL reposted pictures Pastrnak himself took while away on a trip to the 55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He made sure to mention how gorgeous his girlfriend looked in her stunning dress. 

Fans were quick to mention in the comments section how good it was to see them smiling. 

This is an experience no human should live, and unfortunately it has tragically happened to Pastrnak, the same way it did to San Jose Sharks’ Erik Karlsson and Evander Kane in years past. 

This grief will never go away, but it is great to see David and Rebecca together and enjoying themselves before the start of the 2021-22 season.