First round pick David Jiricek sounds off on his own team.
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First round pick David Jiricek sounds off on his own team.

The first round pick is not at all happy with how he is being treated by his organization.

Jonathan Larivee

The Columbus Blue Jackets may have a real problem on their hands.

Former first round pick (6th overall) at the 2022 National Hockey League Entry Draft, defenseman David Jiricek, recently had some things to say about the way his development has gone in the NHL and there weren't a lot of positives to take away from his comments.

Jiricek made it clear that he feels other players at his level have been given far more opportunity than what he has received, and that has seemingly become a source of frustration for the young defenseman.

"I played good hockey in the NHL. I’m an NHL player right now," said Jiricek. "That’s my opinion, that I should be in the NHL right now. I see guys from the same draft, like Simon Nemec and Korchinski… they get a chance on the power play."

It sounds like Jiricek hasn't exactly done himself any favors however, with the 20 year old admitting that he directly contradicted the assessment of his coaches.

“They told me the last game was not good enough for me. I told them I don’t think so, but that’s your opinion…"

Jiricek cemented the fact that he is currently unhappy by indicating that he simply isn't getting what he wants right now at the American Hockey League level.

"The guys here in Cleveland are awesome," said Jiricek of the Blue Jackets' AHL affiliate the Cleveland Monsters. "The coaches are awesome. It’s fun to be here now, because there’s a lot of winning. There’s a good energy. But still … this is not what I want, right?"

Whether or not Jiricek will attempt to force a move if things continue to trend the wrong way remains to be seen, but the fact that the Blue Jackets are once again having issues with one of their high end draft picks does not bode well for the franchise.