First thing Tomas Hertl was told when traded to Vegas: / All-Star  

First thing Tomas Hertl was told when traded to Vegas:

Welcome to Sin City, I guess.



When Tomas Hertl got involved in the blockbuster move of this year’s trade deadline, he admitted that he couldn’t say no to being shipped by the San Jose Sharks to the Vegas Golden Knights.

“It was tough to leave San Jose, but I couldn’t say no because I’m now in my 30s. I think I still have a lot to bring, and San Jose is just in a different spot. You can win here (in Vegas) now or next year and then next year after, and that’s where I’m really looking forward, because like a hockey player you want to win the Cup.”

Hertl met with Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon about arriving in Vegas and it was made clear by the GM what is expected of the 30-year-old forward. Per insider Jesse Granger:

“If you play as good with us as you did against us, we’ll all be happy.”

Whenever the Golden Knights faced against Hertl and the Sharks in the past, he was quite a challenge for Vegas. This is what is expected of him now that he’s joined the defending Stanley Cup champions.

Hertl has not taken part in the postseason in each of the past four years, but did reach the Stanley Cup final with San Jose in 2016. For now, he is sidelined by injury but eyeing a return before the playoffs, but the idea of playing in the postseason was ultimately what convinced him to move to Vegas. Hertl is currently in just the second season of an eight-year, $65.1 million deal signed with San Jose in 2022. The Sharks retained $1.39 million in Friday’s trade, leaving Hertl to count for $6.75 million against the Vegas’ cap through the 2029-30 season.

Hertl underwent surgery on his knee last month and is expected to joins the Golden Knights lineup closer to the postseason. He has revealed how he is open to playing any role necessary to helping the team.

According to McCrimmon, he better play as good with Vegas as he did against them. Hertl posted 15 goals and 34 points in 48 games this season, let’s see what he can do in a Golden Knights’ uniform.

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