Flames assistant general manager Chris Snow has died.

Flames assistant general manager Chris Snow has died.

Chris Snow's long battle with the terrible disease ALS has unfortunately come to an end.

Jonathan Larivee

Chris Snow's incredibly brave battle against ALS has unfortunately come to an end.

Just moments ago Chris' wife, Kelsie Snow, announced that the family hugged Chris for one last time before his organs were donated, giving 4 people the beautiful gift of life. Even in his final moments, Chris was nothing short of a hero and I hope that this is how everyone reading this today will choose to remember him.

Earlier this week Kelsie had announced that Chris' condition had severely deteriorated with doctors informing the family that they did not expect Chris to recover:

With a shattered heart I've come to share that yesterday Chris became unresponsive and went into cardiac arrest. Paramedics and doctors were able to get his heart beating again but, devastatingly, a scan showed Chris has suffered a catastrophic brain injury caused by lack of oxygen. His doctors do not expect him to wake up from this. My chest feels cracked open and hollowed out. Chris is the most beautiful, brilliant person l'll ever know and doing life without him feels untenable. Hug your people.

I would like to extend my most sincere condolences to the Snow family, all of Chris' loved ones, and to all of you who followed Chris' battle alongside us as I know you are undoubtedly as heartbroken as I am at this news.