Flames “desecrate” the Oilers locker room with the unthinkable.

This is blasphemy!

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I can almost feel the Edmonton Oilers fan base collectively vomiting at the sight of this. I don't know what word you would use to describe a situation like this but words like "descration" or "sacrilege" or even "blasphemy" seem appropriate given the biblical level of the transgression that has taken place. I am of course only kidding and in fact  I think a lot of fans in both Edmonton and Calgary are going to have a great time making memes and jokes about this event for a long time to come.

I am speaking of an incident that has occurred today in the Edmonton Oilers dressing room as a result of the National Hockey League's decision to cram all of their teams into two seperate bubbles for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now to be clear I am not criticizing the NHL for the move, in fact I think Gary Bettman and company should be applauded for pulling this off better than any of the other major sports leagues in North America, but there's no question that this would have never, not in a million years, ever happened had it not been for the decision to play inside these two bubbles. 

So what happened exactly? Well on Monday the Calgary Flames are set to face off against the Winnipeg Jets for Game 2 of their Qualifying Round match up and this time around they got a different dressing room than they did for Game 1. In fact they got the home team's dressing room and given that they are at Rogers Place that is a room that traditionally belongs to their most bitter rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. The Flames are of course well aware of this fact and appear to be relishing in the opportunity to taunt the Oilers fan base by publishing pictures on social media of just how awful and out place everything seems to be. 

Lining what would normally be the lockers of the Oilers players are jersey's belonging to the Calgary Flames, truly as close to an act of blasphemy as you will ever get in the sport of hockey. Could you imagine something like this between the Avalanche and the Red Wings? Or the Flyers and the Penguins? How about the Habs and the Bruins? Senators and Leafs? Every hockey fan in the world can probably relate.

The reactions from fans have been predictable, but we would love to hear your hilarious takes in the comment section.