Flames fans say Huberdeau just confirmed he's NOT re-signing in Calgary

Right from Huby's mouth.


Newly acquired Calgary Flames forward Jonathan Huberdeau took to social media last night to tell fans that he'll be donning #10 this upcoming season.

No problem right? 

Well, leave it up to some overzealous fans to twist Huberdeau's words and interpret them into believing that he won't be committing to the team beyond this season. The tell tale sign according to these fans? Huberdeau only says he'll be wearing #10 for "this year".

Check it out:

Please... this is more a case of broken English or just not committing himself to a number long-term. It's also worth noting that Huberdeau has worn #11 for his entire NHL career, but that number is currently taken by Flames veteran Mikael Backlund. It's entirely plausible that Huberdeau will simply go year by year with #10 until #11 is available.

Thoughts, Flames fans? Did Huby tip his hat a bit here? Or is this much ado about nothing?